About NGT Academy

NGT Academy is on a mission to help 1 million people get tech jobs by 2030.There will be 3 million unfilled cyber security jobs in the market by 2021. We want to close that skills gap by providing people an affordable education that gets them job-ready for a career in cyber security. NGT Academy believes that students shouldn’t be left with outrageous debt from degrees that don’t teach the required skills to succeed in the workplace.

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What we teach?

We believe we have the best program to equip anyone to be cyber security specialists in the fastest way possible. We believe in having a strong foundation in network architecture before students go into our cyber security training. Once the student masters the fundamentals in networking, they are better prepared to step into our cyber security training program along with real-world projects.

Our Story

NGT Academy was founded by two Air Force veterans who have trained thousands of engineers for the military. They have combined the military-style training philosophy of job readiness with decades of network engineering and cyber security experience working at Cisco Systems, Arista Networks, and Dimension Data into an immersive program to get people into cyber security or networking careers faster and more effectively than ever!

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