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Apr 4, 2024

From Walmart Manager to Support Systems Engineer | Scott Crabb

NGT Academy
NGT Academy

Scott Crabb | From Support Manager to Support Systems Engineer | People of Zero To Engineer

Scott Crabb was a Support manager at Walmart, making 32 thousand a year. Scott moved away from networking when he moved states, at first resigning himself to a new way of life.

It wasn’t long before he realized he needed to get back to where his heart was: Network Engineering.

He missed that world immensely and wanted to get back into what he excelled at. He was on the hunt for a way back that wouldn’t cost him his retirement and a way to get his CCNA certification. All it took was one simple Google search, and Scott found his ticket — NexGenT was exactly what he had been searching for.

Scott applied his diligence and passion for networking to his studies and went full force into the program. Before NexGenT, Scott wasn't confident about the protocols for networking. He used everything he learned throughout the interview process to earn his new position.

He was able to handle every question they threw his way,.“It all started making sense with NexGenT. I started to understand,” says Scott, on how protocols had never clicked for him before now.

Scott is ecstatic to be back in the networking world, right where he belongs. It doesn’t get better than finding your place in a field you love.

He had an affinity for our incredibly hands-on and comprehensive labs. “Having Bill as an instructor — his knowledge is amazing. You can ask him anything, and he knows the answer,” says Scott.

Scott was able to redo his resume with the career services team, and after he put it on Indeed, people were calling him. “I had a whole bunch of companies calling me. Government jobs, state jobs,” you name it, Scott probably got it.

Since beginning the program at NexGenT, he's now working as a Support Systems Engineer and nearly doubled his pay from what he was earning at Walmart. His background as a network specialist combined with his new skills through NexGenT is sure to bring substantial growth opportunities — both in salary and his personal life.

You can break back into IT — no matter how long it’s been since you’ve worked in the industry, how rusty you think you are, what gaps you have — NexGenT can help you do it, and do it without debt.

Our Income Share Agreement offers flexible tuition options that can work for you so you aren’t taking out loans or breaking the bank.You can apply today to our programs and see if you qualify.

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