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Apr 4, 2024

Top 5 Ways to Tweak a Cover Letter

NGT Academy
NGT Academy

Have you struggled with writing an IT cover letter that will make the hiring manager want to read your resume, then call you in for an interview. Are you worried that your cover letter sounds just like every other candidate?In this video, I am going to share my top five favorite ways I tweak a cover letter for our students at NexGenT.Hi everyone, I'm Sara Hutchison, a career success coach here at NexGenT.

Let's get straight to it.

Writing a cover letter is not always easy. Here are my top five ways to tailor a cover letter for a specific position. My first tip is for anyone without IT experience. If you can say in a couple of sentences a bit about why you've chosen to transition into it and the steps that you have taken to prepare for that transition. You can then segue into those hard skills and the following sections of your cover letter.

My second tip is to tell the hiring manager, what makes you an ideal candidate for the position? You can do this by referencing specific characteristics from the job description they posted and compare them to your own skills and experience. Show the hiring manager that you have tailored this cover letter to their positions specifically.

My third tip is more of a mistake to avoid, do not ask for the job in a cover letter, ask for an interview. It always irks me a bit when I see a cover letter that states how they will thrive in the job and how they will be talking to the hiring manager soon, but keep the goal of the cover letter in mind. Which is to get them to review their resume and then ask you in for an interview.

Number 4, tell them a bit about why you want to work for their company. Reference a project that they are working on, that you saw on their website and mention how you have a passion for that type of work, or you are especially interested to apply with them because you know about an upcoming project that they have.Number five, mention your previous awards or accolades, even if they are not specific to IT.If you have been promoted to manager, received employee of the month, or were selected for a project, you can reference these examples and characteristics of the type of employee you are and the commitment you can bring to that position.

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