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Apr 4, 2024

How To Use Cisco's DCloud To Advance In Your Career

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Here's one fundamental truth you probably already know: if you want to succeed in IT, you need to constantly gain new skills. In this field, staying on top of trends and being among the first ones to learn how to use new technology can pay great dividends.But this isn't that easy. It seems like every few days or so, a new technology promising to turn the industry upside down pops up somewhere. It can get very overwhelming, specially for people who are new to the IT world.Fortunately, there are some tools out there that can be of a lot of help when trying to learn new skills and get familiar with the latest technology.One of them is dCloud, a self-serving platform that you can use to learn about Cisco’s latest products and solutions in a very practical and engaging way.

It allows you to build demos, or customize the ones that are already in the platform, and share them with anyone else. DCloud is a great platform to carry out demonstrations and proposals, train yourself and others, and create sandbox labs.If you’re looking to learn about new products and technologies and gain new skills, you should be interested in what dCloud has to offer. You can have access to a practical way to experience Cisco products and solutions for free.We had the opportunity to interview dCloud Steve at Cisco Live. Here's what he told us:

Imagine if you were working as a network or systems engineer and you were tasked with demoing a technology solution for a potential customer.Instead of having to use real gear for a demo or hold lengthy technical discussion meetings you could simply use one of the demos in dCloud, customize it and be fully ready to showcase your solution.DCloud allows you to have access to a broad list of pre-scripted demos that are fully supported, from 9 different Cisco architectures (collaboration, enterprise network, service provider, security, data center virtualization, etc.).

All you need is a computer, a browser and an internet connection.You can use dCloud to get familiar with new technologies, solutions and products, and even play around with them in a sandbox environment. All that’s needed to gain access to dCloud is to sign up for a free Cisco account.

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Career tip:

If you're among those looking to move up the industry fast, this platform is your new best friend. you can use it to build a lab to showcase new technology or a solution.Then, show it to your manager and ask for feedback. They will appreciate your eagerness to find creative ways to level up your skills and/or provide a new technology solution for the business.This could easily translate into a promotion since your manager will see your motivation, instantly realize that you are proactive and be sure that you can learn new skills on your own.

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